Company Overview

Mastery Squared helps organizations develop clear thinking leaders with sophisticated, intrapersonal and interpersonal skills that underlie sound decision-making, relationship management and employee engagement. 

We demystify and make practical best practices from multiple disciplines:  

Mastery Squared Best Practices - Neuroscience, Mindulfness, Emotional Intelligence, Positive Psychology, and Perrenial Wisdom

We have weeded through volumes to translate the gems from these disciplines into applications that will work for you in today’s global business environment.

We believe that this multidisciplinary approach results in profound, transformative learning that is unique in the leadership development marketplace today.  Our goal is to help you grow knowledge, skills, and attitudes that serve you well professionally and personally and stay with you for life. 

“Our key to transforming anything lies in our ability to reframe it.” 
- Marianne Williamson

Enhanced Leadership Capabilities

As a result of these consulting, coaching and learning experiences, your leaders develop:

  • Stronger mental focus & agility
  • Greater ability to innovate & problem solve
  • A larger capacity for nuanced decision-making
  • Higher tolerance for ambiguity & stress
  • Better resiliency & acceptance of change
  • Higher emotional & interpersonal intelligence
  • More sophisticated ability to see & recognize the value of others in relationships to themselves and the system in which they work

Integration is Paramount

We believe that it is critical to integrate Mastery Squared consulting and learning solutions into your organization and culture and provide easy enterprise-wide access to learning content.  We propose:

Seamless integration with your strategic business imperatives

Visible and compelling involvement of your executives

Consulting and learning experiences customized to your particular culture

Multiple learning processes (events, webinars, coaching, assessments, business project teams, etc.)

Easy access to learning content for distribution throughout your organization

Clear integration with your overall talent management strategy


Approach to Transformation

Leadership transformation, while often sought, is seldom achieved.  We believe that enduring transformation requires more than just strong commitment.  It takes a set of essential elements:

  • Neuro-pathway rewiring processes
  • Mind focusing and stabilizing techniques
  • Adequate time for disassembling old disruptive behavioral patterns and replacing them with new functional ones
  • A strong willingness to hold oneself accountable
  • A system for compassionate accountability
  • Honest self reflection and feedback
  • Tools that are easily understood and accessible
  • Supportive community in which all members are on the same journey
  • The identification of a clear goal with a non-negotiable insistence on making that goal central to your life for an extended period of time
  • Ongoing daily practice

Mastery Squared provides powerful opportunities to maximize the ease, efficiency, and effectiveness of these elements.

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