With consulting experience in over 100 companies, there isn’t a people-related organizational challenge that we haven’t encountered.  From C-suite strategy sessions and large-scale cultural assimilation issues to teams in distress and leadership training, we’ve successfully mastered the art of navigating through complex people and organizational challenges.  Here’s a sample of what we’ve been up to:

Squared Consulting ServicesLearning and Development Consulting
  • Learning & Development Strategy Development
  • Multi-tiered Leadership Curriculum Design
  • Leadership Competency Model Creation
  • Instructional Design
Executive Facilitation Services
  • C-Suite/Board Facilitation Services
  • Mission, Vision, Values Alignment
  • Organization Strategy Development
  • Team Building & Problem-Solving
  • Operational/Key Initiative Planning
Organizational Development Consulting
  • Change Management & Culture Change
  • Organizational Planning & Capability Analysis
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