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Do you ever find yourself grappling with these kinds of sticky and sometimes unpleasant people predicaments at work?

As a leader . . .

Mastery Squared Learning Solutions - How Do I

The Mastery Development curriculum helps you successfully resolve these questions, and prepares you to masterfully deal with your thoughts and emotions so you can respond & act skillfully in challenging situations.

“IQ is only relevant to a small percentage of problems leaders encounter in everyday work since IQ applies only to logical, mathematical, or well-defined problems.  However, the vast majority of issues in the workplace involve people – how to work collaboratively, interact and communicate effectively, negotiate successfully, resolve conflict quickly, etc.  EQ, or emotional intelligence, is the critical skill set that’s needed to resolve problems involving people.  It’s not taught in the average school and its not necessarily learned at home.  The result is that most professionals in the workplace today have a well-developed intellect but under-developed emotional intelligence.  The good news is that it’s a skill that can be learned.”
- Dr. Tomas Chamorra-Premuzic
VP of Research & Innovation at Hogan Assessments & Professor of Business Psychology at University College London

Mastery Squared Curriculum

The curriculum combines a unique mix of knowledge, skills, and attitudes drawn from the disciplines of neuroscience, positive psychology, emotional intelligence, and mindfulness to form a well-rounded approach to leadership mastery.  To download pdfs of our program descriptions, click on the links below.

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Training Modules (4 & 8 hour)

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